Checking out Camp Fimfo in Texas Hill Country

Before heading to San Antonio, I spent a few minutes at this campground to ride my first alpine coaster.


My visit to this place lasted about 30 minutes, from 1:15PM-1:45PM. I waited in a 10 minute line to check in at the general store, rode Cliff Carver, walked around some, and left. While I'm no expert on campgrounds, Camp Fimfo seemed clean and family-friendly. The coaster employees seemed genuinely excited to work there. Although this place is only located about a 50 minute drive from San Antonio, I don't anticipate being back for a long time.


My first-ever alpine coaster, Cliff Carver, ran about as I expected. It has forces and speeds that are comparable to those of a typical mine train. I enjoyed riding alone and the hand lever was easy to use. The ride was very scenic, providing great views of Hill Country. I appreciate the longer-than-a-mile duration, but most of that is spent ascenfing the three lift hills. Cliff Carver features some quick direction changes and two brief instances of airtime. I was happy to experience a mountain coaster, but I found it only a little thrilling. When I boarded the ride, there was no line. However, when I left Camp Fimfo, the queue looked to be about a 20 minute wait. Potential riders can find out more information about the required waiver and height/weight/age restrictions on Cliff Carver's website. I purchased my ticket in advance, but it seemed like most people bought tickets just before they rode.

Other Rides

There aren't any traditional amusement park rides here. There is a small waterpark, and other "adventures" like a zipline.

Food & Merchandise

I didn't purchase food or merch at this place, but they have dining locations and shops.


A ride on Cliff Carver costs $20 per person. Discounts are given for multiple riders if they share a sled. While I'm always happy to support off-the-beaten-path small parks and coasters, $20 for a single ride is pricey. I paid less per ride at Disney World last summer.


These photos were taken by me. Please credit this website if used.