First Time at Fun Spot Atlanta

I ended my time in Atlanta by spending a few hours at FSA. Although I enjoyed my visit, this park is currently the weakest in the Fun Spot chain.


On my last day in Atlanta, I visited Fun Spot from 11AM-1:15PM. I rode Screamin' Eagle 5 times and Kiddie Coaster once. The atmosphere here is not quite as nice as the Florida locations. There were no wait times, and it was a drizzly day. I was bummed to miss out on ArieForce One. When I planned this trip in the spring, I was expecting the coaster to open before August 2022. However, it appears that AF1 will be under construction for at least a few more months. A Fun Spot employee told me it should be open next summer. This RMC addition will really enhance FSA's ride lineup and will probably catapult this location from the worst to best Fun Spot.


Screamin' Eagle, an intermediate coaster from Miler that apparently just underwent a name change, was a lot better than I anticipated! I prefer this ride to the taller, faster, longer Hurricane at Fun Spot Kissimmee. While Screamin' Eagle did have some abrupt turns and jerky moments, I found it to be more bearable. It also has excellent airtime on all drops and hills. The most unpleasant element for me is the small ejector bump towards the end of the ride, which is more powerful in the front row. I liked the back row better for its sustained airtime. This ride is currently my favorite at Fun Spot Atlanta.

I don't have any comments on Kiddie Coaster.

Other Rides

I enjoyed riding Screamin' Swing, Paratrooper, and Tilt-A-Whirl. Fun Spot has rides for children, typical fair rides, go-karts, and some additional thrilling flat rides.

Food & Merchandise

I did not purchase any food or merchandise on this visit. However, I filled my souvenir cup three times for free.


Since I had planned to visit all three Fun Spot locations in 2022, I purchased a season pass last November for $85. I used it 4 times, so each Fun Spot ride wristband cost me about $21. Wristbands typically sell for $30-$60 without a season pass. The final total for my souvenir cup fills across all locations was 17, so each one cost less than 65 cents. Plus the cup is a neat memento. Overall, Fun Spot provides very good value.


These photos were taken by me. Please credit this website if used.