Another Visit to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

7 years and 2 new coasters later, I thought it was worth revisiting SFFT for a day. My experience this time was worse than usual.

Recap of my Previous Visits

I visited SFFT five times between 2007 and 2014: twice with my junior high band, twice with my dad, and once with my entire immediate family. I rode all coasters at the park (including the original Rattler and the kiddie coaster) at least once, with my favorite by far being Superman Krypton Coaster. Fiesta Texas is near and dear to me because it has a lot of milestones for my coaster journey: Superman was my first B&M and favorite overall coaster until I rode Millennium Force in 2009, Pandemonium (formerly Tony Hawk's Big Spin) was my first Gerstlauer, Goliath was my first invert, and Iron Rattler was my first RMC. I have visited this place more than any other large park.


This report is part 3 of 3 about a July 2021 trip to San Antonio that I took with a friend. Check out part 1 at ZDT's and part 2 at SeaWorld! We spent the entire day at SFFT from 10:30AM to 8PM. It was a busy day and wait times ranged from 10 minutes to 2 hours. That is partly due to the fact that Boomerang, Batman the Ride, and Poltergeist were closed all day. I only rode 3 coasters: Superman Krypton Coaster 9 times, Iron Rattler 4 times, and Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster twice. Those coasters make a really solid top 3, but both RMCs had long lines and several seats marked off limits on their trains all day long. SFFT was dirty (bathrooms, pathways, and eating tables) and I wasn't happy that 3 major coasters were down. I missed out on the credit for Batman, the original S&S freespin, but will likely be back at the park in the next 5 years or so to check out Cliffhanger. Anyway, my time at Fiesta Texas is likely my last opportunity riding coasters in 2021, and it's a bummer that I have a sour taste from my less-than-ideal day here.


Superman Krypton Coaster was just as I remembered it: a thrilling, scenic, long, smooth roller coaster with 6 massive inversions and awesome positive g-forces. This ride is definitely still my favorite in Texas, and nothing else comes close. Admittedly, SKC doesn't have the best drop, but it is still unique and neat to drop near the quarry wall building speed. The large "Superman" loop has good hangtime, exiting the zero-g roll is more fun and forceful than I remember, the cobra roll gives no headbanging, the MCBR doesn't hurt the pacing, diving off the MCBR is an exciting yank, and the interlocking corkscrews are a great finale. To top it off, this coaster had a 10-15 minute wait throughout the day. I rode all 9 rides in rows 6, 7, and 8. Superman is definitely deserving of my current #5 overall coaster spot, and it's my favorite coaster that focuses on inversions. In spirit of hitting milestones at SFFT, my last ride of the day on SKC was also my 100th lap on a B&M (across 34 coasters)!

Surprisingly, my second favorite coaster at Fiesta Texas is Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster, my first RMC raptor. I rode in the first and seventh seats. Its drop was the best of the trip for me! I got awesome airtime on the drop both times and loved plunging straight down. Wonder Woman was intense (but I had prepared myself for worse), and in this case I had no issues with the intensity because the drop and all inversions were phenomenal. I enjoyed the pacing of the entire ride, even the violent airtime instances. I was indifferent to the short ride time and horrendously long lines for Wonder Woman. My big gripe with this ride is that the over the shoulder restraints are very restrictive. Although I usually prefer larger and more graceful inversions, this coaster still easily makes my top 50. Wonder Woman feels like a blur, but the best kind of blur.

As with Superman, my thoughts and opinion of Iron Rattler did not change much from 2014. I rode this coaster twice in the very back row, and twice in car 5. I really enjoy the parts up to and after being on top of the quarry wall. The twisted drop is good, but I prefer straight drops. The single inversion on this coaster is sweet. My biggest issue with Iron Rattler is its pacing problem on the quarry wall. There are a couple of powerful airtime moments on the wall, but I don't like those because they are too slow and abrupt. The dive off of the wall and trip through it make for a good finale, but entering the brake run slammed me around. This coaster is such an improvement from the original Rattler, and I'm extremely happy that this RMC coaster exists. I'm a big fan of RMC, just not head-over-heels in love with their coasters. Anyway, Iron Rattler moved down a few spots in my rankings because its airtime-focused elements are not what I prefer.

Other Rides

We only rode coasters on this trip, but I have ridden many other rides at SFFT in the past, including the ferris wheel, the train ride, the drop tower called Scream, the Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters dark ride, the discus ride, the chairswing, the river raft ride called Gully Washer, and the log flume named Bugs' White Water Rapids. Of those, I highly recommend the log flume.

Food & Merchandise

We had lunch at Primo's Pizzeria. I thought the pizza was average, but my friend really liked it. I had a small salad with the pizza, and there were a few brown pieces of lettuce in it. Also, the service at Primo's was slow. I didn't buy any merchandise at the park because I didn't have a great day. I already have four SFFT shirts from previous visits and junior high band trips.


One day admission to SFFT (purchased online two days early) cost me $47 total, which is the lowest price I've paid for a Six Flags ticket in 10 years! My friend has a membership, so we parked for free. My lunch was a whopping $25. Although I'm very happy with the lower-than-expected cost of admission, you get what you pay for at Six Flags with subpar cleanliness standards, long lines, and nonfunctioning thrill coasters. The entire trip (2 nights at a hotel, gas, food, admission to all 3 parks, and parking) cost $546.


These photos were taken by me. Please credit this website if used. Check out the bottom of my photos page for pictures of SFFT from 2014.