My Top 10 Amusement Parks (2021)

This is a list of my 10 favorite parks and the year of my most recent visit. ***This page is outdated. Click here to view my current list of top parks.

  1. Cedar Point (2019)
  2. Kings Island (2021)
  3. Six Flags Magic Mountain (2011)
  4. Six Flags Great America (2019)
  5. Carowinds (2021)
  6. Hersheypark (2010)
  7. Six Flags Fiesta Texas (2021)
  8. Six Flags Over Georgia (2010)
  9. Six Flags Over Texas (2007)
  10. Canada's Wonderland (2012)

*I did not consider Geauga Lake or Six Flags AstroWorld in this list. I visited both parks once in 2005 when I was too short to ride most of the good coasters, and I have foggy memories of those places in general.